OREANDA-NEWS Forbes analyst David Ex offered Ukraine a "budgetary" way to protect the country's airspace. The journalist notes that the combat aviation of Ukraine is in a deplorable state. New aircraft have not entered service for a long time. In Ukraine, they admit that they will not be able to protect their airspace from Russia.

Today, the Ukrainian Air Force fleet consists of Soviet fighters that have exhausted their resources. Kiev is considering buying 100 F-15 fighters and several KC-135 flying tankers from the United States, but experts do not consider this a way out of the situation.

The expert explained that Ukraine still has no money to service American planes. Retrofitting the Ukrainian Air Force will take years and billions of dollars in total infrastructure overhaul and pilot training.

David Ex believes that the country needs to postpone the purchase of new combat vehicles and focus on the acquisition of modern Air Defense Systems that can "close the skies" of Ukraine. In his opinion, this will be a more "budgetary" way.