OREANDA-NEWS  In the American city of Teheim, California, a seven-year-old child died after swimming in a local lake. 

According to the American media, while swimming, seven-year-old David Pruitt "caught" Neglerius Fowler's amoeba. The child was taken to a medical facility in serious condition but it was not possible to save him - he died a few days later. 

According to doctors, the amoeba entered the child's brain through the nose, after which it began to literally eat the main organ of the human body. 

It is noted that cases of infection with this amoeba are extremely rare - over the past half century, only 10 such cases have been recorded in California. 

The boy's heartbroken parents refuse to speak to the press. 

Previously, REN TV talked about a similar case that occurred in another US state - the American died after visiting the Fantasy Lake water park in North Carolina. 

The same amoeba got into the man's brain - a single-celled organism caused amoebic meningoencephalitis