OREANDA-NEWS. The transfer of employees to telecommuting in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic led to the fact that working hours and the number of meetings have increased. According to Bloomberg agency, this is the conclusion reached by the authors of the study from the American non-profit National Bureau of Economic Research, who examined the activities of 20 thousand companies in 16 cities in the USA, Europe and Israel.

By comparing their activities before and during the pandemic, experts concluded that the average working day increased by 48.5 minutes. In some cities (Los Angeles and Chicago) this figure returned to pre-crisis levels in May, but in Europe employees still work longer than usual.

In addition, the number of meetings during the pandemic has risen by 13 %. However, specialists from the Harvard Business School and the New York University note that office negotiations have decreased in time.

The volume of e-mail has also increased. The number of letters between employees has grown by about 40 %.