OREANDA-NEWS. According to a statement by the National Police Headquarters, between Friday and Sunday 432 migrants attempted to cross the Hungarian-Serbian border illegally. Of these, 239 attempts were prevented and 193 people were apprehended and accompanied back across the border by police and border guards on duty at the border.

According to new regulations that came into force on 5 July, illegal migrants who are apprehended within a zone extending eight kilometres from the Serbian or Croatian borders are accompanied back to the nearest gate in the border security fence and are directed to the nearest transit zone. Those who can be proven to have crossed or damaged the border security fence, or who are suspected of people trafficking, continue to be subject to criminal proceedings, while migration procedures are being initiated in relation to people apprehended along the Romanian and Ukrainian stretches of the border.

Over the weekend 31 illegal border-crossers were apprehended on the territory of Hungary: two are facing criminal proceedings for people smuggling, and four for forgery of official documents.