OREANDA-NEWS. The cabinet of ministers today convened at a special meeting to take a string of decisions of foremost importance. Prime Minister Pavel Filip explained the need to hold the meeting by the wish to continue resolute actions in reforming strategic fields, consolidating the state’s economic and social stability, and also taking into account the working agenda agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund, to win the approval of the financing agreement at a meeting due in next October.  

“We must succeed the approval of the financing agreement at the meeting of the IMF Board due in October, just as we have set. Therefore, I summoned you today, so that together we take decisions on several important laws, which represent preconditions of the International Monetary Fund, and which should enter into force as soon as possible and should not be postponed for subjective reasons, including the ones dealing with the electoral campaign and the wish of certain parties to display populism on this period,” the Prime Minister said.   

Thus, the government ruled to take responsibility before parliament for seven laws. It is about extremely important laws concerning the consolidation and cleaning of the banking sector, so that situations which occurred in the past could no longer take place, and is also about laws on state budget. “All these laws were passed in the formula validated by IMF, we have worked together with them, including till today morning, and the way of approving this laws by taking responsibility was coordinated with the International Monetary Fund, as well as the parliamentary majority. We face the situation to adopt the taking of responsibility, only for reasons that we have not so much time available, or if we use the classical formula, it would mean that we lose another several weeks,” Pavel Filip said. He noted that Moldova cannot afford this, if it wants also unlocking of EU’s financing.    

The Prime Minister added that taking responsibility was fully backed by the parliamentary majority. “I want to thank the coalition colleagues for having chosen to support the government’s wish to make decisive steps towards the signing of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund,” the Prime Minister stressed.

The documents for which the government took responsibility are the following: the law on redressing and resolution of banks; law on amendment and completion of some legislative acts, related to the draft law on redressing and resolution of banks; law on central securities depositary and the law on issuance of state bonds, so that the Finance Ministry carries out the payment of obligations coming from the state guarantees No 807 from 17 November 2004 and No 101 from 1 April 2015. At the same time, the government approved a string of amendments and completions to the state budget law, law on state social insurances budget and law on mandatory health insurances accounts for 2016.