OREANDA-NEWS. Residents of the Australian state of New South Wales have been warned of the likely invasion of one of the world's most dangerous Sydney funnel web spiders due to weather conditions created by floods and warm weather. This was reported by the 9News TV channel.

The Australian Reptile Park has issued an emergency warning for a spider invasion, urging the public to be more careful as temperatures rise by checking shoes, bedding and clothing. The bite of this spider can cause severe symptoms, the condition of the victim without medical assistance will begin to deteriorate sharply, the bite can end in death.

As park director Tim Faulkner said, "We are already seeing the Sydney funnel spiders resurrect . We are seeing not only increased activity due to moisture, but also an invasion of land-dwelling spiders looking for higher ground."

This week, social media users shared videos and photos of thousands of spiders fleeing floods, leaving their familiar environment. Experts warn that they can find refuge in the homes of local residents.

In Australia, severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall has continued since last week. This weather situation caused the non-standard behavior of many animals, such as spiders, mice and snakes, which flee from the water, looking for safe dry places, often finding them in human homes. In the Australian state of New South Wales, one person died, the number of evacuees reached 20 thousand.