OREANDA-NEWSBelarus and the Russian Federation agreed by the middle of next year to prepare unified legislation and by 2021 to enter the single industry markets. This was announced on Sunday on the Belarusian TV channel by the Minister of Economy of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy. "We have a joint integration group developed common approaches to all work. This is a roadmap for November of this year, unified legislation by the middle of next year, this is a launch on the uniform rules of those markets that we have agreed upon since 2021", said Krutai. The minister said that it isn't only about single oil and gas markets. “These are industrial markets, agricultural markets, transport markets”, he explained.

According to him, the point is that “an enterprise, no matter where it is registered - in Russia or Belarus, operates according to the same rules based on unified administration, unified control systems, unified integrated information systems”. The Minister of Economy explained that "by and large, this unified legislation, which we are talking about in the framework of road maps, will become the prototype of these united markets".

Krutoi noted that at the meeting in St. Petersburg with the participation of the presidents and representatives of the joint working group on integration a "very frank and honest conversation" took place. "The experts reported on all directions, what progress was achieved, where there were some painful, uncoordinated things. The presidents expressed their opinions on absolutely all issues, several new initiatives appeared, and we should now consider our Russian colleagues on integration pack", said the Belarusian minister.

The Russian Federation and Belarus should lead the integration process at a fast pace, it will be an example and will simplify a similar process to the EAEU states, the Minister of Economic Development is sure.