OREANDA-NEWS. On Thursday, the Belarusian authorities will begin to vaccinate migrants against coronavirus, Viktor Liskovich, a deputy of the Council of the Republic (the upper chamber of the Belarusian parliament), told reporters.

“I think that vaccination of refugees against coronavirus, which will start today, is a very big step to keep migrants as healthy as possible,” he said, adding that migrants will be vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine Vero Cell. According to the senator, "there were a lot of requests from migrants, they asked for masks, they asked for vaccinations, we quickly considered this issue."

He also said that the situation at the logistics center, where more than 1,100 refugees live, is "calm, manageable." "There is everything necessary for the life of refugees. We are doing everything possible to minimize the spread of infectious diseases. There will be a truck shop for the delivery of goods that they would like to buy themselves, an exchange office will work today," Liskovich said.

Several thousand refugees have gathered on the border of Belarus and Poland in the past several weeks, wanting to get to the EU countries. The Polish authorities have strengthened border security, pulled in the military and thwarted attempts by illegal immigrants to enter the country, blaming Minsk for the migration crisis. All these accusations are denied by Belarus, claiming that Poland is forcibly expelling migrants.