OREANDA-NEWS. As agency Sputnik informs, Ron Kline, a former presidential advisor to Joseph Biden, will become the part of Biden's team in White House - he will become the chief of staff in the Democrat’s administration. The corresponding statement was published on Wednesday on the website of Biden's transition team. Ron Klein's appointment as assistant to the president and chief of staff at the White House was announced on November 12.

Kline is no stranger to this area, because he has been working in the administration sphere rather long, since 1995. He was chief of staff and advisor to the US Vice President for two years, to 2011, when Biden held that position in the administration of President Barack Obama, and for four years, from 1995 up to 1999, when Al Gore held the position of the vice president in Bill Clinton's team.

Joe Biden trusts him greatly, and calls Ron Kline "his right hand". The faithful assistant stood by Biden during the most difficult times, including saving the American economy in 2009 after one of the worst periods in history of the country, and later, in 2014, battling a dire health crisis, according to a statement from the future president. Biden notes Kline's deep, versatile experience and his ability to work with people of all political backgrounds. And this, according to Biden, is exactly what is required of the chief of staff of the White House staff in the midst of fighting the crisis and rebuilding the country.

In his response, Kline noted that he was "honored to serve President-elect Biden in this capacity." In 2014, Kline served as the coordinator for the fight against the Ebola virus, and recently he was constantly next to the presidential candidate, was a senior adviser to Biden's election campaign.