OREANDA-NEWS Former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is considered one of the most likely future contenders for the post of Prime Minister. He announced his own plan for the implementation of Brexit.

The plan is an alternative to the proposals of the government of Theresa May, approved on July 6 at a meeting of the Cabinet in the country Prime residence of the Checkers. Johnson’s plan was published on Friday in the printed version of the newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

The proposed plan is based on the possibility of concluding an agreement with the EU on the terms of Brexit on the so-called canadian option, when the model is the agreement on a comprehensive free trade area between the EU and Canada. The implication is that in such a case, the UK should be free to make decisions regarding domestic and trade policy issues, as well as to stop the free movement of labor, creating an effective and balanced migration mechanism.

Boris Johnson's plan consists of six points. The first of them abolishes all the proposals of Checkers, the second - provides for the rejection of the idea of economic support for Northern Ireland by actually maintaining its membership in the EU single market and requires rewriting the main points of the future agreement on Brexit.

The third point points to the need to discuss with the EU the prospects of concluding a final deal on the canadian option, the fourth - proposes to invest in strengthening border control, the fifth - says the need to prepare for the scenario of the country's exit from the EU in the absence of an agreement with Brussels on the terms of Brexit. And finally, the sixth point requires the British government to start immediately after Brexit negotiations on free trade with the rest of the world, which should start in April next year.

The former Foreign Minister recalled that before entering into the Common market, the United Kingdom had free trade relations with Germany and France, and that they can be easily built anew. He also advocated that London should continue to enjoy duty-free trade in the absence of any export and import quotas with all 27 countries remaining in the EU.

According to Johnson," the UK is now at a disadvantage in the negotiations on Brexit", and the proposals of Checkers" deservedly unpopular among British voters "and are" moral and spiritual humiliation " of the UK. The former foreign Minister believes that" from the very beginning the British government "during negotiations with the European Union noted" unwillingness to take any action to fulfill the most important requirement of Brexit " -to leave the customs Union and the single European market.