OREANDA-NEWS. As the Mirror reports, Kate Garraway, presenter of the British morning show Good Morning Britain, compared homeschooling to real torture, since she alone has to educate her son and daughter while her husband Derek is in the hospital. She had to participate in homeschooling children, because in the UK all educational institutions are quarantined due to the coronavirus.

As she wrote on the social network, “We made it to Friday. This is a sign that everyone under the torture of home schooling can breathe out. "

The journalist and presenter admitted that, having remained with the children, she hoped for a great time together. However, she quickly realized that children's education takes a lot of energy. This is compounded by the desire of adolescents to return to school as soon as possible in order to communicate with their peers.

Garraway is currently raising two children on his own: 14-year-old Darcy and 11-year-old Billy. Her husband Derek was hospitalized with coronavirus in March 2020. Before being admitted to the hospital, he complained of numbness in his arm, headaches and shortness of breath. At the hospital, doctors put the man into an artificial coma.

In July, the journalist's husband came out of a coma, but at first he showed no signs that he was aware of the events taking place around. After that, he twice experienced a serious drop in blood pressure and was on the verge of death. It was only in November that he uttered the first word after coming out of a coma.