OREANDA-NEWSThe Bulgarian Parliament on Thursday decided to abandon regular plenary meetings during the state of emergency. The initiative put forward by the speaker of the parliament Tsveta Karayancheva was supported by 115 deputies, 65 voted against.

"The situation with the spread of coronavirus is becoming increasingly alarming. No one can guarantee that tomorrow the number of coronavirus infected in Bulgaria will not double or triple. COVID-19 is striking, regardless of party, social, religious, or racial priorities. The whole country is under quarantine, and only the parliament revealingly violates its rules”, Karayancheva said.

The speaker emphasized that at present it is not possible to provide a social distance of 1.5 - 2 m between the deputies in the parliament building, it is not possible to turn off the air conditioning system, which is also recommended by sanitary doctors, to ensure adequate disinfection. The first cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria were recorded on March 8, and a state of emergency was introduced in the country on March 13.