OREANDA-NEWS. Poland applies illegal measures against migrants who are sent from Belarus to the European Union (EU). The actions of Warsaw were criticized by the deputy from the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) in the Bundestag Niels Schmid on the air of radio Deutschlandfunk, reports the SNA agency.

“The bottom line is that illegal measures are used to protect the EU. This undermines the attitude towards the values ​​that Poland defends as a member of the EU, ”the politician said. He noted that the Polish security forces illegally deprive migrants of the opportunity to obtain asylum in the EU countries.

“We need regulated procedures, and for this Poland needs the support of the EU, but at the same time it must comply with the norms of international law on the protection of refugees,” added Schmid. According to him, Brussels must take decisive measures against the influx of refugees from Belarus, while preserving humanity.

In the same broadcast, a deputy from the SPD proposed to temporarily place refugees fleeing from Belarus to Poland on the territory of Ukraine. This measure, according to Schmid, will allow compliance with the EU asylum law and show migrants that not every refugee can gain access to the EU.

On November 10, the State Border Committee of Belarus announced that the Polish security forces were using military weapons against illegal immigrants trying to enter Poland from Belarusian territory. The ministry also said that at the moment in the border zone there is a tent camp for refugees that can accommodate more than two thousand people.