OREANDA-NEWS. Charge d'Affaires of Russia in the Republic of Chad Sergei Kramarenko announced an apology received from the country's foreign ministry for the detention of tourists, as RIA Novosti reported.

According to Sergei Kramarenko, the employees of the republican special services took Russian tourists out of the danger zone and at the same time "exceeded their capabilities."

One of the detained travelers, blogger Aleksey Kamerzanov, said on his Instagram that the information about the apology is "super news", noting that the group is now looking forward to the authorities' decision on the return of the seized documents and property - cars, equipment and electronic devices.

Currently, tourists are still staying at La Residence Hotel N'Djamena, located in the capital of Chad.

Earlier it was reported that several Russian citizens traveling in the Republic of Chad were detained on June 15 in the city of Faya-Larjdo and transported by plane to the capital of the country, after which they were placed in a hotel and were not allowed anywhere. This was reported in the AST-54 public - one of the community administrators was included in the group.

According to the information he was able to convey, in the city, armed people escorted them to the police station, where they took away the means of communication, part of their luggage and passport.

After that, the travelers on a military plane were sent to the capital of the state, N'Djamena. Their SUVs remained in the city.

Upon arrival, tourists were accommodated at La Residence Hotel N'Djamena, where they remain to this day. They manage to keep in touch with the help of phones not found in their bags. They are not given information about the reasons for their detention.

The report notes that initially the route of the expedition was coordinated with the Chadian Ministry of Internal Affairs and ran from N'Djamena to the north of the country.