OREANDA-NEWS.  National Immigration Administration of China has strengthened border control measures to prevent the import of COVID-19 into the country, the Global Times newspaper reports. This is due to the outbreak of morbidity in the country.

Citizens are urged not to leave the country, and foreigners entering are strictly controlled. Athletes who will come to the Beijing Olympics will first be placed in an enclosed space.

Control over foreign and charter flights has been strengthened. Trucks were obliged to follow special routes. Goods for import must be transferred contactless.

Control over land borders has been tightened. Guards are posted on the frozen border rivers.

The wave of infections in China began on October 17. As of November 3, more than 500 infected people were detected in 17 provinces and districts, 426 in the northern and northeastern provinces of Gansu, Heilongjiang and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Earlier, China accused the United States of an unscientific approach because of the report on the origin of COVID-19. The report of the US Intelligence Agency put forward two main theories of the origin of COVID-19: naturally after human contact with infected animals or as a result of a laboratory accident.