OREANDA-NEWSCrimeans do not care about the position of Ukraine, which refused to recognize the results of the vote of the Crimean residents on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the head of the Crimean election commission Mikhail Malyshev said.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called for sanctions against the organizers of the vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution on the peninsula, adding that the results "will have no legal consequences and will not be recognized either by Ukraine or the international community".

"The Crimea is an integral part of the Russian Federation. Therefore, no one cares about the position of Ukraine. The statement of the Ukrainian side is the opinion of a certain category of persons who are obliged to comment and react to our successes. It is already in their trend to announce that everything is invalid and illegitimate," Malyshev stated.

According to him, no sanctions have any impact and will not affect the quality of the electoral system of the republic.

It was reported that the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation were supported by 90.07% of the Crimean voters who took part in the voting, 9.08% voted against. The turnout was 81.75%.