OREANDA-NEWS. Edward Snowden, a well-known ex-NSA and CIA officer who recently received an indefinite residence permit in Russia, will soon become a father.

You can guess this if you go to the Instagram page of his longtime girlfriend, acrobat and blogger Lindsay Mills, with whom Snowden has been together for 15 years. Previously, Snowden said that it was thanks to his girlfriend that he finally believed in a happy life and that everything could be fine with him.

In this page there was a photo in which a girl in a rounded tummy is being kissed by a man who looks like Snowden.

Users rejoice at the imminent birth of little Snowden and for the couple, which will now become a full-fledged family.

It was this girl who was next to Snowden in the most difficult moments, including in 2013 in Hawaii, when the ex-agent of the US special services released classified information and was forced to hide from prosecution: he faced a long sentence at home for this.

Lindsey came to Snowden in Moscow in 2014, in 2017 they got married.

The fact that the couple is expecting a baby at the end of the year was confirmed by Snowden's lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.

He also said that the child's citizenship "will be at the place of birth," that is, Russian.