OREANDA-NEWS. First of all it is worth recalling that Russian air carrier Aeroflot on September 9 has resumed flights from Moscow to Cairo, Egypt, which were interrupted because of the coronavirus pandemic. In this context Egyptian authorities are looking forward to a large number of Russian tourists arriving in Cairo. And, if necessary, they are ready to organize for them a transfer to the resorts on the Red Sea, if there is a demand for such a service. It was pointed out by Gada Shalyabi, the Deputy Minister of tourism of Egypt.

She emphasized that if there is a large quantity of Russian tourists to Cairo, they will organize direct flights to the popular resorts, or adjust the domestic flights for the arrival of planes from Moscow, to make it easier for Russian tourists to get to Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheikh.

She noted that when they arrange with EgyptAir and other companies serving domestic flights, it will save much time for tourists: for example, a transfer at Cairo will take not more than one hour, while the flight from this city to one of the Egyptian resorts will take about an hour as well.

It's necessary to remind that all the passengers arriving to Egypt must have the results of the test for coronavirus made less than 72 hours before departure.