OREANDA-NEWSBritish politicians, in the absence of evidence of Russia's guilt, are less likely to comment on the investigation into the Salisbury incident, but the number of leaks to the media is increasing, citing so-called informed sources. This is stated in the commentary, distributed on Tuesday by the press service of the Russian Embassy in the UK. “As in the absence of any evidence of Russia's guilt, the investigation into the incident crumbles before our eyes, the official comments from Theresa May’s government are getting fewer and media leaks referring to“ more and more informed sources”, the embassy said. 

They noted that already within 15 months from the moment of the incident, no intelligible responses from official London to the repeated calls of the Russian Federation to remove the veil of secrecy from the circumstances, progress and results of the investigation, to give the opportunity to meet with the injured Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia didn't follow and start a substantive interaction to find out the true reasons for what happened. “More than 80 diplomatic notes sent to the Foreign Office, as well as a request from the General Prosecutor’s Office for legal assistance, remain unanswered to date”, the document says. “Instead of conducting a constructive dialogue since March last year, we see London’s selective politicized approach to the situation of Russian citizens".

"We would like to once again urge the British authorities to abandon the destructive and unsupported rhetoric, to return to the legal field and answer the main questions: what is the fate and state of health of Sergei Skripal and his daughter who disappeared in the UK more than a year ago, who the case is behind their poisoning and disappearance, how they were treated, whether the British law enforcement agencies are really interested in finding out the truth and what are the official results of this investigated iya ", - says in the comments.