OREANDA-NEWS Specialists named five smartphones that have unique features. It is reported that in the new ranking, the leading position is held by the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. 

Experts believe that the main feature that distinguishes this smartphone is the ability to control it through the air. 

The second line was taken by the smartphone Motorola One Action. According to experts, it has a built-in stabilizer. Thus, a smartphone can provide smooth shooting, even if the shooter himself is moving. 

An honorable third place went to Asus ZenFone 6. According to experts, the latest hinged camera is built into it. It can simultaneously perform the functions of both the main and the front. 

In addition, the iPhone XR and Huawei P30 Pro are also on the list of the most innovative smartphones. They are equipped with the Face ID function, which recognizes the faces of the person who picked up the phone.