OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian Foreign Ministry denied to RIA Novosti the information about the construction of a "spy base" on the territory of the embassy in Dublin and told what was actually being built there.

Earlier in the local press there were reports that Russia was allegedly building a "spy base" on the territory of the Embassy in Ireland.

Responding to a request by RIA Novosti to comment on these reports, the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that "the ongoing reconstruction of the complex of buildings and structures of the Russian diplomatic mission in Ireland is long overdue and is caused by the need to improve the conditions in which our diplomats work."

"Built more than a century ago, a small residential mansion, in which the embassy is now located, is no longer able to ensure the normal functioning of the diplomatic mission," the department added.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the process of agreeing on construction documentation with the Irish authorities lasted several years, and the details of the project were not a secret to anyone. Moreover, after the start of work, representatives of the Irish Foreign Ministry leadership and local media had the opportunity to visit the facility on several occasions and see everything with their own eyes.

They pointed out that this was not the first publication in the Irish media with "absolutely unfounded insinuations" about the Russian Embassy in Dublin, and the content of the material of the local edition of the British Times "eloquently testifies to who is behind it."