OREANDA-NEWSThe Foreign Ministry accused Washington of trying to aggravate Russian-American relations with the help of sanctions against Chechen Prime Minister Muslim Khutsiyev. He is considered guilty of involvement in torture and human rights violations. The Foreign Ministry issued a statement in connection with the decision of Washington to ban the head of the Chechen government, Muslim Khuchiev, from entering the United States.

The ministry believes that this decision "reflects the course towards the further aggravation of Russian-American relations." Especially in the Foreign Ministry noted that the sanctions apply to the husband Huchieva. “The initiators of this step re-launched unfounded accusations against the representative of the leadership of this region of Russia, and resorted to an unprincipled method of collective responsibility that applies to family members of a statesman they dislike,” the statement said.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that they consider the attempts of Washington’s pressure on Moscow to be unsuccessful. “It is high time for American politicians to get rid of the illusions that someone in our country can be frightened by the closure of entry to the United States. Such representations are ridiculous, ”the Foreign Ministry said, also promising that the White House’s decision would not remain unanswered.

The US Department of State has previously reported that the American side has reliable information about the involvement of Khuchiev in torture. Sanctions against him were imposed in connection with "gross violations of human rights." At the same time, Washington proposed that Russia itself bring to justice the officials involved in human rights violations in Chechnya.

“Muslim Magomedovich is neither hot nor cold from this ban. He lived without visits to the United States, he will live on, ”the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, responded to the decision of Washington.