OREANDA-NEWS. The scandalous journalist Giorgi Gabunia once again spoke sharply about Russian President Vladimir Putin. He suddenly switched to Russian on the Mtavari Arkhiи TV channel and rudely addressed the Russian leader.

Last week the Georgian State Security Service reported about the detention of a Russian citizen allegedly for the preparation and use of forged documents, but within the investigation of the case on preparation of a contract killing. Mtavari Arkhiи's director Nika Gvaramia stated that the detainee planned to liquidate Gabunia on behalf of the Russian authorities. Dmitry Peskov, the president's spokesman, called these suspicions absurd

"I was offered any kind of protection. They said, if you want, even change your face, name and surname. I have to decide what suits me," Gabunia said with a smile. He was answering questions about the investigation into his possible contract killing in the presence of a magistrate.

Last summer Gabunia on Rustavi 2 scolded Putin and his deceased parents. This outraged the viewers of the channel, who even organized protests demanding to punish the journalist. In August, the company changed its owner, Gabunia and some other journalists were fired.