OREANDA-NEWS. Protests against the construction of a new hydroelectric power station (HPP) in the region of the resort village of Bakhmaro are taking place in several cities of Georgia. This is reported by the "Sputnik Georgia" edition.

The American company Cerberus Frontier is going to build the Bakhvi-1 station, with which the country's Ministry of Economy signed a $ 15 million contract about a year ago. The new hydroelectric power station should become the highest in Georgia, it will be built at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level.

In turn, activists and environmentalists believe that the construction will jeopardize the unique ecosystem of the region, and also create the risk of flooding several nearby villages in the event of an earthquake. They have already begun collecting signatures against the construction of the facility. On February 15, protests against Bakhvi-1 were held near the parliament building in Tbilisi, as well as in the cities of Batumi and Telavi.

Earlier, the deputy from the opposition party "European Georgia" Elene Khoshtaria, in protest against the results of the last elections, returned the salary that the parliament gave her. She attached a screenshot of the transaction to a post on the social network and promised to sabotage the work until the ruling party agrees to hold a new vote.