OREANDA-NEWS  Almost 30 police officers were injured at the protests of opponents of restrictive measures on coronavirus, which took place yesterday in Berlin. Law enforcement officers detained 231 demonstrators. This information is reported by the police in the capital of Germany.

On the eve of Berlin, two large rallies of opponents of restrictive measures were held, they were timed to coincide with hearings in the Bundestag, which adopted a bill toughening the rules for the introduction of lockdowns. The first action was forcibly ended by the police, as the participants did not observe the measures of infectious safety - wearing masks and keeping a distance. During the displacement of the protesters, some of them resisted, including throwing bottles and stones at the police, she used tear gas and batons.

At about 16:00, the second rally began at the residence of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, where some of the first participants arrived. This time they gathered up to three thousand people. The police also ended this action ahead of schedule due to non-compliance with the rules of infectious safety.

In total, 388 investigations were opened for various offenses. Among them, 100 administrative offenses due to non-compliance with measures to combat coronavirus, as well as criminal violations, including insults, violent attacks, resistance to law enforcement officers and an attempt to release detainees.

During the operation, 29 law enforcement officers were injured, one police officer was forced to terminate duty ahead of schedule.