OREANDA-NEWS Saoirse Kennedy, the granddaughter of former US Attorney General and younger brother of President John F. Kennedy Robert, died at the age of 22. About this writes Fox News with reference to the statement of her family.

Kennedy died at a family estate in Massachusetts, officially, the causes of death are not reported. However, according to two sources close to the family of The New York Times, Saoirse Kennedy died of an overdose of drugs. The same information was confirmed by a Boston 25 News source in law enforcement and added that methadone was discovered near the body of the deceased (an opioid, used in medicine as a substitute for heroin).

Robert Kennedy in the years 1961-1964 on the appointment of his older brother served as Attorney General of the United States. After the murder of his brother, Kennedy ran for president of the United States. In 1968, he was also killed in an assassination attempt.