OREANDA-NEWS. In India, a patient with coronavirus was diagnosed with “green mold, a disease caused by the aspergillus mold.

According to doctors, this is the first such case registered in the country. "Green mold" was diagnosed in a 34-year-old patient who had severe COVID-19: 90% of his lungs were affected by the virus, reports the Hindustan Times.

After the man recovered from the coronavirus, his temperature rose and nosebleeds began. Initially, doctors thought that he had contracted mucormycosis ("black mold"), but during the examination he was diagnosed with aspergillosis. The patient is now being treated at a Mumbai hospital.

As the website kp.ru wrote, in early May 2021 in India, where victims of the coronavirus pandemic do not have time to be cremated right on the streets, mucormycosis or "black mold" was identified. The disease affects the nasopharynx, lungs and eyes. Moreover, people who have just undergone COVID-19 are mainly sick.

In recent weeks, the number of cases of mucormycosis in India has increased by 150%.

Earlier, the first person infected with "yellow mold" died in the country.

Earlier in India, more than 31.2 thousand cases of infection with mucormycosis, which is also called "black mold", were detected, as well as several cases of infection with aspergillosis, or "white mold". Later, a third species was also registered - a combination of yellow, black and white.