OREANDA-NEWS. Moscow plans to intervene in the election of the head of Ukraine, Ukrainian intelligence believes.

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine spoke about the methods by which Russia, according to its data, will try to “influence and intervene” in the presidential elections on March 31. Among them is the scheme of “buying and exporting” Ukrainian-style documents from the territory of Crimea to mainland Ukraine, which were issued to residents of the peninsula before March 2014, and “ensuring the mass“ correct ”voting of migrant workers. This is stated in the corresponding report of the special services.

The possibility of the implementation of the first fraud, according to its representatives, the Russian side is only "working through". The second scheme, according to representatives of the Foreign Intelligence Service, will be possible with the participation of Ukrainian labor migrants in Belarus and Kazakhstan, among which there is "political apathy".

In addition to these schemes, the Foreign Intelligence Service fixes a "steady trend towards an increase in the number of people crossing the line of demarcation towards Ukraine to participate in the presidential election", - the press service said. "The official purpose of the stay of the majority of citizens is to visit relatives. At the same time, the real purpose of their stay is to register at the polling stations and participate in the presidential elections in Ukraine", - the office said.