OREANDA-NEWSThe Latvian Ministry of Internal Affairs believes that Russia's support of young compatriots abroad, as well as work aimed at strengthening historical memory, threatens the constitutional order of Latvia. This is stated in the draft Concept of National Security prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service, excerpts from which are published by the Latvian News Agency on Monday.

The document, in particular, claims that in recent years Russia has allegedly actively "used a policy to support compatriots as a tool to engage these people in activities against the national security of Latvia". According to the authors of the concept, the priorities of Russia in the framework of work with compatriots is to strengthen historical memory and military memorial work.

“In accordance with this, memorials and monuments are restored and maintained in order to emphasize the historical presence of Russia on the territory of Latvia”, the project also said. “Thus, Russia is trying to implant the interpretation of historical events that it wants, while denying the occupation of Latvia and questioning the foundations of statehood, which contradicts the national security interests of Latvia".

In addition, the text states that the provision by Russia of scholarships to foreigners to study at Russian universities, as well as the involvement of young compatriots in youth events held in Russia, is supposedly one of the ways to form a loyal young generation in Latvia, which can later be used to the realization of their interests.

The draft national security concept of Latvia on Tuesday, September 17, will be presented to the government by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Sandis Girgens, and the head of the State Security Service, Normunds Mežvietes.