OREANDA-NEWS London explained the strengthening of the nuclear arsenal by the strengthening the anti-missile defense of Russia. This information was announced by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace during an interview with the BBC TV channel.

Wallace said the UK is seeing a significant increase in Moscow's investment in missile defense. He noted that Russia has already planned and deployed new missile defense systems.

The head of the department stressed that if London wants to have credible means of nuclear deterrence, then it is necessary to ensure that they are able to fulfill their task. For this, the minister considers it necessary to monitor the actions of Russia and other countries in this area.

Earlier it became known about the intention of the British authorities to significantly increase the number of nuclear warheads in service with the country. According to The Guardian, the country plans to increase the number of warheads used in Trident II missiles on British submarines by 40 percent - from 180 to 260 pieces. In total, it is planned to allocate about ten billion pounds for these purposes.