OREANDA-NEWS This year, the reserves that the planet can resume during the year ended July 29. Every year a person exhausts the ecological budget earlier and earlier. At the current pace, 1.75 planets are required to meet the needs of the world's population. 

Calculations include resources such as the amount of water, land, fish, forests, and the amount of carbon (CO2) that enters the atmosphere during human activity. The thirty-three-day resource overrun was only due to CO2 emissions. Now the carbon footprint is 60% of the global ecological footprint. 

Until the 1970s, the use of resources remained within the limits of what the planet could reproduce. In 1961, only three-quarters of the annual resources were used. And now everything is out of control. 

Of course, not all countries are equal in the use of resources. The picture shows the number of planets needed for each country, based on meeting its needs. 

The founder of GFN Mathis Wackernagel, nevertheless, emphasizes that right now there are technologies at the disposal of mankind in order to reverse this trend without compromising the standard of living.