OREANDA-NEWSConvicted in the US, Russian Maria Boutina, who is currently serving a prison sentence, will be released on November 5. Such data correspondent of the Russian media received on Wednesday at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, subordinate to the US Department of Justice. "The date of release of Butina from the prison is scheduled for November 5, 2019," the government agency said.

The bureau also explained that the Russian woman still remains in the detention center of the city of Alexandria (Virginia), the date of her transfer to the federal prison is not yet known. Butina will be deported to his homeland immediately after serving his prison term. The corresponding petition of the prosecution was satisfied by the judge Tanya Chatken, who presides over the trial of Butina, when passing the verdict.

Maria Butina is currently serving time in an American prison. She was accused of working in the United States as a foreign agent, without registering. The Russian woman herself pleaded guilty. She later explained that she had made a deal with the investigation, as she feared a long time. But she did not possess any secrets. At the Russian Embassy, ​​the sentence to the Russian woman was called "blatant lawlessness", and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia - a "shameful stain" on American justice. This case was commented on by President Vladimir Putin, who considered the situation with Butina to be a “lawlessness”.

In late April, lawyer convicted Robert Driscoll told reporters that she might be released in November. Russian woman was sentenced to one and a half years imprisonment. In custody in the US, she spent a little more than nine months. After being released from prison, she will be immediately deported to Russia.