OREANDA-NEWSThe protests of the yellow vest movement caused serious damage to French merchants and the state budget - a year after the start of the demonstrations, authorities estimate it at € 2.5 billion, French radio reported on Friday, citing data from the government of the republic.

According to him, over the year 5 thousand manufacturers and commercial enterprises affected by the aggressive actions of demonstrators appealed for help from the state in order to avoid the closure of the business. In particular, they asked for a deferral of payments to the social insurance fund and other taxes in the amount of € 460 million. Insurance companies paid € 230 million compensation to 13 thousand enterprises over the past year.

The closure of enterprises due to the actions of the "yellow vests" or their restoration after the pogroms led to partial unemployment of 75 thousand workers across the country. Hotels and restaurants, as well as shops and vehicles, were hit hardest. Promotions of the "yellow vests" began in France on November 17, 2018. Initially, they were held in protest against rising fuel prices. That is why the "uniform" of the movement was the reflective yellow vests of motorists.