OREANDA-NEWS. The Chinese television channel CGTN reported, citing sources, that mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, previously missing, was found dead.

At the same time, the agency Yonhap reports that the search for the politician continues.

Earlier, Park Won-soon’s daughter informed the police about his disappearance. According to law enforcement agencies and the mayor’s office, Park Won-soon left his residence at 10:44 local time. Shortly before that, the Seoul administration circulated a message about the cancellation of one of the events in the mayor’s schedule due to “forced circumstances”.

According to Yonhap, on July 9 at 16:40 the mayor was supposed to meet with the head of one of the presidential commissions, but due to poor health, Park Won-soon did not go to work.

During search, the police involved dogs and drones. According to the channel YTN, up to 200 people take part in the operation.