OREANDA-NEWS In Russia, gasoline is inexpensive compared to several other countries. However, in terms of fuel availability for citizens, Russia is far behind the leaders.

The experts made a rating of 33 European countries, in which the country's place was determined by the amount of gasoline that its residents can buy for an average monthly salary. Based on the research data provided by RIA Rating to RIA Novosti news agency, Luxembourg is the leader. On an average monthly salary in this country you can buy 2855 liters of gasoline.

On the second line was Norway with 2.2 thousand liters: gasoline in this country is relatively expensive, however, the salaries are high. The top 5 also includes Austria, Ireland and the United Kingdom: residents of these countries can purchase more than 1.9 thousand liters of gasoline.

Russia is located on the 16th place ranking, between Italy and Estonia. Russians can buy about 927 liters of AI-95 gasoline for their average monthly wages. Of the countries of Western Europe, only Portugal was lower than Russia, but at the same time all the states of Eastern Europe, as well as Kazakhstan, were also lower.