OREANDA-NEWS   It is reported that flames reportedly erupted on a mountain near the port city of Lavrio, about 60 kilometers south of Athens, raising thick plumes of smoke over the busy beach. 

One of the fires broke out on 16 August in the city of Keratea in eastern Attica. The fire quickly destroyed the bushes and spread to the national park in the Sounion region. Due to the threat of the spread of fire, people were evacuated. 

It is noted that an elderly woman with a disablement disappeared in the area of ​​the fire. At least ten houses were damaged by fire.

Authorities have dispatched at least 90 firefighters, six spillway planes and four helicopters to the region.

A separate fire broke out in a forest near the village of Viliya, north of the capital, near a children's summer camp. Five helicopters and five fire planes were sent there.

In addition, in the afternoon, on the other side of Athens, in the north-west, in the area of ​​Viliya, another fire broke out. It is noted that due to strong wind and heat, rescuers cannot localize the fire.

Investigators are trying to establish the cause of the fire. Local officials say there are signs of arson.