OREANDA-NEWSFormer Polish Army commander General Waldemar Skrzypczak has demanded the death penalty for a soldier who escaped to Belarus.

The State Border Committee of Belarus reported on Friday that the Polish soldier sought political asylum from Minsk. It was reported that on Thursday the Belarusian border guard detained a Polish soldier, Chechko Emil, born in 1996, at the borderland. The frontier guards pointed out that "due to his disagreement with the policy of Poland concerning the migration crisis and the practice of inhuman treatment of refugees, the soldier sought political asylum in the Republic of Belarus".

Chechko, in an interview to Belarusian TV, accused Polish law enforcers of systematic murders of migrants, as well as two volunteers. He believes that the situation on the Polish territory bordering Belarus should be investigated by the Red Cross.
"For me it was clear from the very beginning that this was a deserter who had gone over to the side of the enemy and this should be interpreted in such a way. For me, as a soldier, there can be no other interpretation than desertion during the war. If all the politicians are saying that there is a hybrid war against Poland, let us be consistent. A soldier betrayed Poland during the war by defecting to the side of our enemy, and this is indisputable,"- Skrzypczak told wPolityce.