OREANDA-NEWS By joining NATO, Finland and Sweden will lose their role as neutral mediators, said Sergei Markov, director of the Institute for Political Studies. He recalled the global influence of the Stockholm Arbitration Court, which will now end, PolitRussia reports.

They have mediated dozens of different big conflicts and thousands of small conflicts. Everyone knows about the huge role of the Stockholm Arbitration Court. And now everything. This huge role of theirs in world politics is over. The status of influential neutral countries has been lost,” Markov said.

He believes that after joining the Alliance, these two countries will go into the shadow of NATO from the center of the world. According to Markov, Turkey, India, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia can become new mediators, but foolishly miss the chance to do so.

Meanwhile, Finland and Sweden have officially applied to join NATO. The authorities of both countries have previously stressed that they will not allow the deployment of military bases and nuclear weapons of the Alliance on the territories of their states.

In turn, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opposed the membership of these countries in NATO. But, according to the Turkish newspaper Sabah close to government circles, this decision may be reconsidered. In exchange, the Turkish leadership prepared a list of 10 demands for Finland and Sweden.