OREANDA-NEWS. Pyotr Poroshenko, Ukrainian president, who is currently running for re-election, declared that this spring he is going to cross a certain “point of no return” with the issue of “independence from Russia”. In his speech on Mikhailovskaya Square, Kiev, Poroshenko promised to return Crimea.

Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko has called on his future voters, citizens of Ukraine, to support him this spring in crossing a certain “point of no return” to become “really independent from Russia.”

“Ukraine will never agree to any bidding, or to any low-cost agreements. And Crimea will be returned to Ukraine. We will do everything possible soon after the upcoming presidential election,” Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko stated that Ukrainian voters are going to decide the future of their country’s development, and this decision will be taken if they will support him at the upcoming polls. He claimed that on the election day (March 31), “we will either approve our way to Europe or return to the state of empire.” Poroshenko is sure that pro-Russian forces are going to take revenge, but Ukraine may also go for joining NATO and the European Union, and it is “as close to this membership as it’s never been before.” He stressed that joining NATO and the EU only would ensure Ukraine’s independence, as well as security of the citizens.

Poroshenko also appealed to the Crimean Tatars, urging them to "believe in the struggle of the Ukrainian authorities for the return of Crimea, and we are not forgetting about you even for one day." According to Ukrainian president, Donbas will also be returned to Ukraine, and if the country will keep going this path for the next five years, especially with further enhancing its army, Russia will definitely lose the chance of “controlling Ukraine”. In particular, current Ukrainian leader is planning to start his new presidential term by upgrading missile program of the country.

Moscow, according to Poroshenko, hopes for a change of president in Ukraine and for the decision on the status of Crimea that would be in favor of Russia. Also, Russian media came to know that Vladimir Putin said he hopes for the victory "of any candidate except Poroshenko."