OREANDA-NEWS Ukraine needs immediate practical help more than a debate over EU candidate status, which could create "false expectations," Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa told the Financial Times in an interview with Britain's Financial Times.

According to him, he wants to ensure that during the next meeting of the European Council a clear commitment to urgent support is formulated. In addition, he noted that it is necessary to create a long-term platform in order to assist in the restoration of Ukraine.

“For me, this is a top priority. The most important thing is not a legal debate about Ukraine, but practical deliveries,” the prime minister said.

He drew attention to the fact that in order to provide this clear and immediate support to Ukraine, there is no need to start negotiations or the procedure for its accession to the EU, which will take many years.

“There is a great risk of creating false expectations that will turn into bitter disappointment. Less legal debate, more practical solutions,” he said.

Earlier, the Austrian Foreign Ministry noted that the idea of ​​a simplified accession to the EU is not related to the conflict in Ukraine.