OREANDA-NEWS The President of the United States Donald Trump Thursday approved the national counterterrorism strategy. This is published  in a statement issued by the press service of the White house.

"As your President, I intend to protect the United States and its interests abroad from the threat of terrorism. The national strategy against terrorism, which I have approved today, will help to protect our great country, strengthen our national security and direct our constant efforts to defeat terrorists and terrorist organizations that threaten the United States," the head of state said, adding that he" will do everything necessary to protect the country when it comes to fighting terrorism."

According to Trump, the strategy "sets out the approach of the United States to counter the increasingly complex and evolving terrorist threats, it is the first fully formulated strategy in the country to combat terrorism since 2011." "It provides the strategic leadership necessary to protect the United States from all terrorist threats, while contributing to the efficiency in forecasting, preventing and responding to new threats," the head of the Washington administration said.

In turn, Secretary of state Michael Pompeo in connection with the approval of the new strategy stressed that "today, terrorist threats have become more difficult, faster to develop, more unpredictable than ever." "Such terrorist groups and networks as al-Qaeda, ISIS (the Islamic state terrorist group (both banned in Russia) and Iran - backed terrorists continue to target us, our allies and partners, "said the chief of American diplomacy.

As noted in the White house, the document focuses on the search and elimination of the source of terrorist groups, the destruction of financial flows aimed at supporting the activities of terrorism. It also stresses the need to "modernize and integrate counter-terrorism tools in the United States"," protect American infrastructure and increase resilience "to terrorist threats, and" combat radicalization and recruitment " in the world.

"The new strategy offers a new way to strengthen the security of Americans," the White house stressed, adding that the document notes the importance of interdepartmental cooperation, as well as cooperation with foreign partners, including within NATO.

The White house once again claimed that thanks to the United States and the international coalition led by them in Syria and Iraq, "almost all the territory previously owned by ISIS was liberated."

"The President's strategy emphasizes the importance of diplomacy and the role of international partnerships in combating the terrorist threats we face. The strategy recognizes the need for all countries to share the burden of the fight against terrorism fairly, as well as to enhance counter-terrorism capacity ...",- pointed out Pompeo.