OREANDA-NEWS. Russia and China have vetoed a draft UN security Council resolution to extend cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria. This is reported by  a source in the UN.

According to the source, Germany and Belgium are the sponsors of the draft resolution.

According to this information, 13 countries voted for the adoption of the resolution. At the same time, China and Russia were against it, but despite 13 votes in favor, the document was not approved.

The Agency's interlocutor explained that Germany and Belgium did not listen to the position of the Russian side, which supports a gradual reduction in the number of checkpoints through which humanitarian aid to Syria comes "bypassing" Damascus.

The regime for delivering humanitarian aid from neighboring States through front lines and border crossings to Syria has been in effect since July 2014.

Earlier it was reported that the UN security Council adopted a resolution by Belgium and Germany, which provides for the extension of cross-border humanitarian assistance to Syria.