OREANDA-NEWSAlexander Semenov, deputy director of the Pasteur Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, who, together with a group of Russian specialists, works in the Italian city of Bergamo, said in an interview with the Russian television channel that the difficult situation in Lombardy is also due to Italian frivolity. “For a long time they did not want to introduce restrictive measures. It had to be done three weeks earlier”, he said.

According to Semenov, Italian doctors missed the moment when the disease began to spread rapidly in Lombardy, one of the oldest regions of Europe: "Italy has excellent doctors, but the system could not withstand such a burden on the resuscitation and treatment of seriously ill patients". He added that as a result, a lack of equipment and qualified specialists arose in Bergamo.

Comparing the situation in Russia and Italy, Semenov noted that we have introduced restrictive measures “to the limit”, however, there is a certain problem with discipline. As of April 2, 13,915 people became victims of coronavirus in Italy, more than 115 thousand people were infected, 18.2 thousand recovered.