OREANDA-NEWS Information about the competition to choose a supplier for the provision of information and consulting services for the development of an international strategy of "Russian Post" is available on the portal of public procurement.

With the help of the winner, who for work will receive 4.98 million rubles (the maximum price of the contract), "Russian Post" expects to "expand the range" of its services in the international market, the development of the product line and, as a consequence, an increase in revenue, follows from the competition task. According to the draft General strategy of "Russian Post" until 2023, which is now being discussed in the government, in four years the company's revenue should be 274 billion rubles, against 190 billion rubles in 2018. But another 40-50 billion rubles should bring new services in the field of cross-border Express parcels and logistics, followed from the draft document. Taking into account the expected profitability of 13% (in 2018-7%) by this point, "Russian Post" should be among the five largest postal services in the world in terms of business marginality.

According to the tender documentation, “Russian Post” asks consultants to evaluate three options for its possible international development:

  • creation of a marketplace with a strategic foreign partner with an integrated own logistics product;
  • creation of a line of logistics (postal and non-postal) products for marketplaces (pilot launch and running-in should be held in conjunction with a strategic foreign partner);
  • development of export service (organization of channels for delivery of Russian goods abroad).

A separate task is a comparative analysis of non-postal and combined (non-postal and postal) logistics solutions for China — Russia.

According to the representative of the press service of "Russian Post", the share of international business in the revenue of the operator today is about 20%. According to the statements of the operator, for the nine months of 2018, the revenue of "Russian Post" from operating activities amounted to 136.5 billion rubles, which is 8.3% higher than in 2017. By the end of 2017 the company's revenue amounted to 178.1 billion rubles.