OREANDA-NEWS. Abnormal cold weather, which is complemented by heavy snowfalls, still lives on. Bad weather and snow in Texas and other states have caused a range of problems, including massive power outages, the shutdown of refineries and other businesses. Several people died.

For Americans, such conditions are unbearable, while Russians who find themselves in this country know how to help themselves and their loved ones survive the cold. The Russian woman told "360" how she helped her grandchildren in the United States to cope with the consequences of the frost that hit Texas.

A woman on the estate of Lilia came to visit relatives in the United States and was forced to stay there due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, so she found the cold that was abnormal for Texas.

The Russian woman told her relatives that during the frost it was necessary to drain the water from the batteries. Thanks to her advice, the water was drained on time, so the heating system did not freeze. Lilia adds that most Americans do not know that the water had to be drained in such frosts.

Lilia said that American stores do not sell clothes designed for such severe frosts. But her family was lucky, as they went to the mountains and had the necessary things. In addition, the Russian woman knitted warm sweaters for her grandchildren.

The Russian woman notes that severe frosts caused the death of homeless people in the United States, because in winter they usually move closer to the ocean.

The Russian woman is sure that she was saved in this situation by the fact that she lived in Russia.