OREANDA-NEWS Serbia in the Council of Europe will prove the need to lift political sanctions against Russian parliamentarians, said the Chairman of the people's Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia - Maya Gojkovic.

"In the Council of Europe, we continue to insist that it is impossible to include deputies to the sanctions lists, it is impossible to punish them because it completely defeats the whole of their activity", said Gojkovic on Monday at a meeting in Antalya, Turkey with the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin on the sidelines of the III Meeting of speakers of parliaments of the countries of Eurasia.

She is sure that it is necessary to remove economic and political sanctions from the Russian deputies.

The parliamentarian also recalled the anniversary of the Russian-Serbian partnership. The fact is that this year the diplomatic relations of the two States will be 180 years old.

According to the speaker of the Serbian Parliament, this is a position that Belgrade will not refuse. And this position includes the interests of Russia, she added. According to this information, this is the position that Serbia will not give up. In August, Serbia said that the country would not participate in the "anti-Russian hysteria".

Volodin, in turn, noted that contacts on the parliamentary line between Russia and Serbia contribute to the development of political dialogue between the two countries. He recalled that in the near future - 21-23 October-planned visit of the delegation headed by Gojkovic to Moscow to participate in the third meeting of the Commission on cooperation between the state Duma and the people's Assembly of Serbia. As part of this visit, Goykovich is scheduled to speak at the plenary session of the State Duma of Russia.

Gojkovic assured that Belgrade will continue to develop inter-parliamentary cooperation and further promote friendly relations. She thanked Moscow for its support and protection from attacks of political opponents.