OREANDA-NEWSYuri Bondar, Minister of Culture of Belarus, did not explain the reasons for the dismissal of the director of the Kupalovsky Theater, which supported the protesters, and announced the appointment of a new leader.

The Minister arrived at the Kupalovsky Theater in Minsk to meet with the troupe. According to Tut.by, even before his arrival, the actors gathered near the building, holding posters with quotes from the poems of Yanka Kupala.

Cooper arrived at the theater, whose director Pavel Latushko was fired the day before, at about 11:00, on the street he was greeted with shouts: "Shame!"
During the meeting, the head of the Ministry of Culture said that he intends to discuss the work of the theater in the next season.

It became known that the actors submitted their resignation to the Minister of Culture of Belarus and demanded that the ministry resolve the issue of restoring Latushko in office within a day. In response, he said that the director was legally dismissed, and the theater would have a new director, appointed by the Ministry of Culture.

At the same time, Bondar did not answer the question of the troupe members about the reasons for Latushko's dismissal, Tut.by notes. The duties of the director will be performed by Valery Gromada, who was appointed Deputy Minister of Culture in March.