OREANDA-NEWS  The Republic of Korea and Russia are successfully developing relations in the field of medicine. This was stated on Thursday in an interview with South Korean Minister of health and social security Park Ning Hu. He took part in the opening ceremony of the Medical Korea conference and the KIMES medical equipment and technology exhibition at the Seoul COEX exhibition complex.

Park Ning Hu, in particular, noted that after the signing of the Memorandum between the ministries of health of South Korea and Russia, the two countries began to develop partnership in many areas. This was particularly true in the areas of medicine, based on information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as training programs for medical personnel.

The Minister said that in 2018, Russian medical workers and representatives of pharmaceutical companies visited South Korea for training, and later the Korean delegation visited Russia to study the possibility of creating joint business projects. One of them is the introduction of ICT in the far Eastern region of Russia, so that all citizens can have equal access to medical services.

"Residents of the Far East are scattered across the vast territory of the region, and those who can not receive medical care in a timely manner due to the territorial remoteness from the center, it will be provided at a distance using information and communication technologies," Park Ning Hu said.

According to him, this plan is developed by three parties: the Ministry of Health and Social Security of South Korea, the Ministry of Health of Russia and the Ministry of Development of the Far East of the Russian Federation. "If such technologies can be implemented, it can be a good solution to the existing problem," he said, adding that he also visited Russia.

The Minister also said that Seoul University hospital "Bundan" and the hospital "Severance" are working on their projects in Moscow. In particular, "Bundan" is building its own hospital, which will specialize in diagnostic studies. "With the beginning of its work, the Russians will be able to quickly receive accurate information about their health and, if necessary, timely medical care," Park Nyn Hu said.