OREANDA-NEWS  Active introduction of modern Russia means of electronic warfare (EW) due to the use of the remaining after the collapse of the Soviet Union technological reserve, the potential of which will soon be exhausted, says the analyst of the Swedish Institute of defense research Jonas Kjellen.

The expert believes that Moscow's intensive use over the past decade of inexpensive and affordable solutions relevant during the cold war is due to the inability to "keep up with the development of military technologies of the West."

"Most likely, Russia will continue to follow the same path, but not at the same pace as in the last ten years. They are working not only on how to shut down the electronics, but also on how to destroy it. Electronic warfare is a tool that allows Russians to eliminate the shortcomings of traditional weapons. Thus, they continue to strive to become a military superpower, but from the position of the loser," Kjellen notes. In June 2018, analyst Samuel Bendett of the American center for naval analysis (US) said that Russian EW technologies are ahead of us and pose a special threat to the US and NATO forces in Europe.

Experts, in turn, do not agree with the arguments of the Swedish expert, noting that today to talk about the loss of Russia is just stupid, because no country in the world has the same perfect systems and weapons, not to mention the fact that there is no means of protection against Russian weapons, as an example of the same EW systems, hypersonic weapons, air defense, etc.According to military expert Igor Korotchenko, Sweden deliberately escalate the Russian threat among the population, so that eventually the country joined the North Atlantic Allianc

At the same time, the President of the Academy of geopolitical problems (APN), doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov noted that the failure of the information electronic infrastructure of American military equipment "levels its combat qualities."