OREANDA-NEWS. Members of the radical Taliban opened fire on participants in a rally in support of the national flag of Afghanistan in Nangarhar province, a source among local residents told RIA Novosti.

As a result of the shooting, there are casualties and injuries.

Media reported in the morning that journalists from the local TV station Ariana News and the Pajhwok agency were beaten by Taliban * militants on Wednesday morning in the city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province. Reported by Pajhwok agency.

They were beaten while trying to film and report on the protests in support of the national flag. The brutal beating of two journalists caused a negative reaction in the local media.

Earlier, the Taliban * promised that the media in Afghanistan would work freely.

As reported by Western media, the new Afghan authorities have called on local residents to surrender their weapons.

"The civilians of Afghanistan must surrender their weapons and ammunition to authorized members of the Taliban *," Reuters quoted a spokesman for the movement as saying.

The situation in Afghanistan has become especially aggravated in recent weeks, with the onset of the radical Taliban * movement on large cities. On Sunday, media and sources said the rebels were in control of all border crossings. Later that day, militants said they had entered Kabul and taken control of the presidential palace. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he left the country "to prevent the massacre." On Monday night, a spokesman for the Taliban's political office  Mohammad Naim announced that the war in Afghanistan was over.